City Connects in Education Week’s ‘Futures of School Reform’ blog

As we wrote about earlier this week, Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville has been writing this week about the importance of addressing non-school factors in education reform. Today, he authored a blog post, “Bolder, Broader Action: Strategies for Closing the Poverty Gap,” that mentions City Connects as a successful strategy for addressing out-of-school factors. As Secretary Reville wrote:

“… the challenge now is to translate our analysis into action by implementing a series of strategies, coupled with measurable outcomes, to ensure success.”

We feel strongly about evidence informing our practice and have conducted rigorous evaluation of our work. Learn more about City Connects’ positive impact on:

2 thoughts on “City Connects in Education Week’s ‘Futures of School Reform’ blog

  1. distance education for everyone July 30, 2011 / 10:42 am

    Good move, BUT, realizing that youth today is all about widgets and gadgets and spend most of their time online, sometimes WHILE IN CLASS, can only point to one direction –
    Online education. Harnessing that power is a great way to reach the students of today, which are online more than outside in the streets or in the parks.
    If you want a good education, I say it is very important to put our resources into technology and distance education. The parents need to educate the kids and youth how to behave and deal with the world around them, but making someone “downgrade” to a book and a pencil after he has been playing online games since he was 4 years old is impossible. Any modern parent will tell you that right away.
    Good luck and may god bless us all.

  2. Donna October 8, 2011 / 6:17 pm

    Hey, any steps forward would be nice, it seems like education lately is just so bogged down in ‘tests’ and ‘standards’ that nobody has any time to learn anything…

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