The 4 Cs of City Connects


City Connects builds on the developmental sciences, and it has been shaped through a two-year planning process that included  educators, community agencies, and families.

That’s why our  supports for students are:  


 To fit the unique strengths, needs, and interests of each student.

“The most important benefit of City Connects is how patiently they listen to student’s concerns, and bring back very good workable solutions/resources to help the student.”

        – A teacher in a City Connects School


Meeting academic, social/emotional, health, and family needs.

“Mark Griffin starts every weekday standing at the door of the Thomas Edison K8 School in Brighton: ‘Great hat!’ ‘Don’t you look good today!’ ‘How’re you making out?’

“His pleasantries are a nice way to start the day, but they also have a point. As Griffin greets more than 400 students each morning, he’s looking to see who is shivering in a too-thin coat, whose eyes look rimmed with tears, which parents are walking their kids to school and staying for the free breakfast themselves.

“‘It’s hard to concentrate on schoolwork when there are other things much more important to them that need to be addressed,’ Griffin said.”

The Boston Globe


Among families, school, and community agencies

“School Site Coordinators work closely with families as students are referred and connected to particular enrichments and services. To aid with the process, and to permit streamlined tracking and follow-up, CCNX has developed a proprietary Web-based database, Student Support Information System…”

“The Impact of City Connects: Progress Report 2014”


We monitor and follow up with individual students and whole classrooms

Using the Student Support Information System, “City Connects Coordinators constantly track services and evaluate results, making sure every student is getting what’s needed.”

“Our Approach,” the City Connects website

(We’ll also add a bonus, fifth C: City Connects is also cost-effective.)

These four Cs enable City Connects to build a strong foundation for students’ success.

7 thoughts on “The 4 Cs of City Connects”

    1. Thanks for your questions, Chad. Yes, cities with City Connects in their schools regularly ask us to expand to serve more students, and City Connects is experiencing growing demand from across the country. This is especially so as mounting evidence shows City Connects’ long-term positive impacts on students. You can read more about our results at

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