A City Connects summer

Now that it’s summer, children have said goodbye to their teachers and friends, but City Connects keeps kids covered because our coordinators connect them to summertime services.

These connections provide opportunities to play, grow, heal, work, and learn. For City Connects students in Boston, Mass., they include:

SummerWorks – a summer jobs program run by the nonprofit community organization ABCD

West End House Summer camp

The Steppingstone Foundation’s College Success Academy

Comfort Zone Bereavement Camp for grieving children

Little League Baseball

YEA! a.k.a. Youth Engaged in Action – a three-week leadership course run by ABCD for income-eligible kids who are too old for camp, but too young to work

Camp Shriver – a free, inclusive summer camp for children with and without disabilities at the University of Massachusetts, Boston

Mazemakers – a learning community for 9- to 13-year-olds that offers activities and summer meals.

These placements are happening across five states in all of City Connects’ schools. Because even in the heat of summer, City Connects provides the right services to the right children at the right time.

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