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We’re proud to share one of our videos on how City Connects works. Principals, community partners, and City Connects staff all help tell the story of meeting students nonacademic needs to help them thrive in school.

“We’ve been able to transition from a school in crisis to a stable school focusing on literacy thanks to the support from City Connects.”
– Mike Sabin, Former Principal, the John W. McCormack Middle School in Boston

“Just in the last two months, we provided a new pair of shoes to each of our children and a new winter coat. For impoverished families, it’s a big deal.”
– Robert Kordenbrock, Red Oak After School Program, Boston-Chinatown Neighborhood Center

“I think City Connects really fills the gaps for an urban school system to provide the kind of support families and students need in an organized effective manner.”
– Daniel Warwick, Superintendent Springfield Public Schools

“Our evidence indicates that City Connects really works and makes a difference for children academically and socially.”
– Mary Walsh, Executive Director, City Connects

“… this is a program that I want to keep in my school for… for forever.”
– Traci Walker Griffith, Principal, Eliot K-8 Innovation School in Boston

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