City Connects students in Salem give back to their community

Our approach of connecting students to the right services at the right time also creates opportunities for students to give back to their communities.

That’s what happened in Salem, Mass., when Brad Maloon the City Connects coordinator at the Collins Middle School worked with his colleagues to put together a team of students and staff who participated in the May 12th, 5K Walk for HAWC.

HAWC is a Salem-based nonprofit that provides free services to victims of domestic abuse and partner violence.

The Collins School team of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders walked in the rain to raise $1,966.00 for HAWC.

“Walk for HAWC is an incredible annual community event that we use here at Collins to teach our kids about community service, the dangers of domestic violence, and, most importantly, about the importance of healthy relationships,” Maloon says, adding that many students are already looking forward to next year’s walk.

Congratulations to the Collins School team.

They are a great example of a key principle that City Connects fosters: communities can make strategic investments in kids, and kids can make strategic investments in their communities.

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