City Connects students pay a visit to Boston College

Recently, Danielle Morrissey, the City Connects Coordinator at Boston’s Thomas J. Kenny elementary school, brought the Kenny’s fifth graders to visit Boston College so that they could see what college is all about. 

“The goal was to motivate and provide a learning opportunity for the students to further understand why we are talking so much about Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Dedication to your Education, and Effort (our PRIDE values) and how their future is connected to these values,” Morrissey says. 

Students met with Josh Beekman, Boston College’s Director of Football Initiatives, as well as with three players from Boston College’s football team. 

“The kids asked a lot of questions about football and being part of a team,” Morrissey says. The fifth graders also asked what the football players were studying and what the average day looks like for them. The players talked about how important it is to read and to study hard. 

The plan for the next school year? To introduce Kenny’s students to the college football players earlier in the school year.

“Our students love sports and athletes,” Morrissey says. “So if we can make this connection earlier in the school year, there would be more opportunities to maintain contact.”

And that will create more opportunities for Kenny’s fifth graders to think about college.

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