City Connects students meet the Minnesota Vikings

 Thank you to the Minnesota Vikings.

 Last week, the professional football team spent a day visiting the LIFE Prep School, a City Connects school in St. Paul.

Community service is a common part of the team’s life, and we’re grateful to them for being a City Connects community partner for the day. Their visit shows how important it is to connect students to shoes, health care, and community-based fun.

Twenty past and present Vikings team members helped fit students with Toms shoes. And Toms, in addition to the shoes, provided volunteers who helped out, and pizza for lunch. Helen Keller Intl, a nonprofit organization, was also there to give free vision tests and fit students who needed them with eyeglasses.

Team members also chatted with students, played catch, and shared high fives.

“There were a few students whose feet were too big for the shoes that were brought, so Toms is placing a special order and having the shoes delivered to school,” Laurie Acker, the school’s City Connects Program Manager, says.  Thanks again to the Vikings, Toms, and the Helen Keller Institute for sharing the power of community partnerships and for giving the students at LIFE Prep a day they’ll never forget.

Photos: Kam Nedd/Minnesota Vikings

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