Coordinating for the holidays

As this difficult pandemic year ends, City Connects Coordinators are making many lists and checking them twice to ensure that families have what they need to get through the holiday season.

Across the country, coordinators are making sure that children have access to the practical, educational, and even magical resources they need to have happy holidays and a successful new year. These include: 

• coats, food stamps, rental assistance, and help for newly arrived immigrants

• tutors, bus passes, and an in-school paraprofessional to support a child with disabilities

• holiday meals and gifts as well as two Trees for Tots Christmas trees — one Minion-themed, and one book-themed – being decorated by City Connects Coordinator Gabrielle West and her colleagues at Catholic Central’s elementary school in Springfield, Ohio. The trees are being donated to two families in need.

“This has been a desperately hard year for everyone,” Mary Walsh, City Connects’ Executive Director says. “And we don’t know what challenges the coming weeks and months will bring. But we do know that sticking to our systemic approach of providing integrated student support is working. And we know that kids need services and joy for the holidays. So that’s what our coordinators provide.”

 “We want to wish all our students, families, schools, staff, and community partners the happiest and healthiest holiday season.”

(Enjoy the winter break. The blog returns in January.) 

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