Recognizing school counselors and City Connects Coordinators

Being a school counselor can be challenging in a normal year. But this work can be grueling in the middle of a pandemic that has triggered a national mental health crisis among children and adolescents.

 So we’re happy that National School Counseling Week, which was last week, brought both recognition and appreciation to school counselors – and to City Connects Coordinators.

As the pandemic continues, counselors are working with struggling students and providing support for burned out teachers and school staff. At City Connects schools, our coordinators are a vital source of this support. Although the pandemic has been tough, our coordinators have been tougher – and more compassionate, creative, and determined than ever.

Coordinators are addressing the isolation the pandemic has caused, while monitoring the racial trauma some students feel since the murder of George Floyd. 

So it was great to see Laurie Roule, the City Connects coordinator at STEM Middle Academy of Springfield, Mass., being acknowledged by her school.

A poster celebrating Roule, included a number of quotes about her work, including:

“I appreciate how you can always call Laurie [and] get a fresh perspective on a student’s behavior. I am also grateful for her efforts in bring exciting new programs to the STEM community like mindfulness and the Wright flight program.”

“She is everywhere at once and helps both the kids and the grown ups.”

“Ms. Roule is always a smiling face in our school and ready to listen to anyone that may need her ear. She shows she cares about STEM students and staff by supporting all of us with her positive affirmations, warming laugh, and continuous faith in the excellence of the STEM family.”

“I know we can always count on you.”

City Connects is proud of Laurie Roule, and all of the City Connects coordinators, who combine skill, strong relationships, dedication, and can-do spirits with an evidence-based practice. They are the heart of City Connects.

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