The Weekly Connect 10/24/16

The Every Student Succeeds Act is changing education policy by meeting emerging challenges such as the growing number of English Language Learners.  Look for changes in how these students are classified, tested, and taught.

How do you share research with policymakers? Personal connections between researchers and policymakers help, and so do other strategies such as making research easily accessible.

Achievement gaps continue to make headlines.  One story looks at the difference between how rich and poor kids learn (hint: there isn’t one), and another story looks at race and gender gaps in computer science classes.

There’s a “new focus” on children’s mental health; and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention want schools to help ensure that children get sealants on their molars. The math here is simple: a study found that children with dental pain tend to miss more school than children with good oral health.

And in the good national news category, high school graduation rates across the country have reached a record high.

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The Weekly Connect for 10/11/16

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