Research at City Connects: 4 Things We Know; 4 Things We’d Like to Know

City Connects

Research is a crucial piece of what we do.

The City Connects evaluation team operates independently, analyzing data from City Connects programs and producing peer-reviewed studies.

So there’s a lot we know about boosting students’ success — and there’s more that we want to know.

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Boston Public Schools “Acceleration Agenda Dashboard” Unveiled

Superintendent Johnson
Boston Public Schools Superintendent Carol Johnson

In a move to make more data available about the progress of  Boston Public Schools, the district has unveiled an”Acceleration Agenda Dashboard.” It includes information about the district’s strategies, as well as its progress toward four target goals:

  • Strengthen teaching and school leadership
  • Replicate success and turn around low-performing schools
  • Redesign district services for effectiveness, efficiency, and equity
  • Deepen partnerships with parents, students, and the community

An example of information available on the dashboard: the goal “Reading to learn in grade 3” is measured by the number of third-graders proficient or advanced in the MCAS English Language Arts statewide test. Currently, the dashboard shows that 37% of students achieve this goal, which is shy of the 59% target. One goal on the dashboard that shows success is “Academic growth for students with disabilities.” The number of special education students demonstrating high or very high growth on the MCAS Math exam is 36%, in excess of the 32% target.

The district says that the site will be updated as new data become available, eventually drilling down to provide individual school-level data.

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