Excellence in School Wellness Awards to 4 City Connects Boston Schools

Last month, Boston Public Schools (BPS) bestowed Excellence in School Wellness Awards to 13 schools, four of which were City Connects schools. Congratulations to the Edison K-8, JFK Elementary, Quincy Elementary, and Trotter Elementary schools, whose innovations promoting student health and wellness were commended at the Sixth Annual BPS Health and Wellness Summit!

“Collectively, these schools demonstrated innovative efforts in creating connections to improve the school environment to make the healthy choice the easy choice,” said [BPS Superintendent]  Dr. Johnson. “For a school to be successful in its mission to provide an education for all students, it must prioritize their physical, mental, and emotional health.”

Health is one of the four domains central to City Connects (along with academics, social/emotional, and family). With the support of the New Balance Foundation, our School Site Coordinators lead school-based health and wellness initiatives that teach students how to make healthy choices about nutrition, exercise, and social relationships. The New Balance Foundation Health & Wellness program increases students’ health literacy, resulting in better behavior, work habits, and effort in the classroom. These skills help students combat critical issues like obesity and bullying—both in and out of the classroom. In short, healthier students are better students.

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The Importance of Enrichment Opportunities

Today, the Boston Globe ran a story about students at the Edison K-8 School, a City Connects school in Boston’s Brighton neighborhood, tackling Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”  The story, “Arts are helping shape Edison K-8 School,” shows the commitment of the Edison community to providing exposure to arts and enrichment activities for their student population.

At City Connects, we believe it is just as important to nurture a student’s strengths as it is to address his or her needs or challenges. Our School Site Coordinators make many referrals to community agencies that offer enrichment opportunities to students so they can explore the arts, music, or theater–creative expressions they may not have been exposed to otherwise. In 2010-11, about 10% of the 33,700 services and enrichment opportunities delivered to students were arts-related.

Mary Driscoll, Principal of the Edison, said in the story that arts “do so many different things for us as a school community. Everyone gets involved.’’

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  • Watch a video of a dress rehearsal of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” performed by Edison students

City Connects in the Boston Globe

City Connects was featured in today’s Boston Globe–read the full story here:

Hub Student Social Services Group Girds for a New Task: Growing


The story featured the Edison School in Brighton and included input from the Massachusetts Secretary of Education, Paul Reville, as well as John Verre, the Assistant Superintendent for Special Education and Student Services for Boston Public Schools.

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