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How do we know City Connects makes a difference?

We can see the impact in a child’s smile. And we know that parents, principals, and our community partners are very satisfied with City Connects.

But because we are part of a major research university, Boston College, we also take a hard look at the data; and external researchers continuously review our work.

The gold standard for this kind of evaluation is a randomized controlled trial or RCT. In these trials, one group of randomly chosen individuals receives an intervention that might be, for example, a cancer drug or an enrichment program. A second group is randomly assigned to a “control” group that does not receive the intervention.

The two groups are compared to see how well the intervention works.

It’s a powerful tool.

But it isn’t feasible for every type of school intervention. Continue reading “Research at City Connects”

City Connects in Education Week’s ‘Futures of School Reform’ blog

As we wrote about earlier this week, Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville has been writing this week about the importance of addressing non-school factors in education reform. Today, he authored a blog post, “Bolder, Broader Action: Strategies for Closing the Poverty Gap,” that mentions City Connects as a successful strategy for addressing out-of-school factors. As Secretary Reville wrote:

“… the challenge now is to translate our analysis into action by implementing a series of strategies, coupled with measurable outcomes, to ensure success.”

We feel strongly about evidence informing our practice and have conducted rigorous evaluation of our work. Learn more about City Connects’ positive impact on:

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