One secret to City Connects’ success: fidelity

One factor that makes City Connects so powerful is its fidelity system.

This is the work of ensuring that the City Connects model is implemented consistently in all the schools across the five states where our Coordinators provide integrated student support.

“When City Connects began to expand into new cities and states, we identified the need to be able to measure whether City Connects looked the same across all our sites,” says Jessica Petrie, the Continuous Improvement Specialist at City Connects.

Based on the research of the late Carol T. Mowbray, a professor of psychology and social work at the University of Michigan, the City Connects team drew on the City Connects practice manual to devise a fidelity system that was rolled out to the field four years ago.

The system looks at seven core components of the City Connects practice: Continue reading “One secret to City Connects’ success: fidelity”

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