Closing the opportunity gap with data, systems, and support

Mary Walsh
City Connects’ executive director Mary Walsh

Boston College’s Lynch School of Education (LSOE), the home base of City Connects’ research and implementation teams, has published a new piece about the impact of our work: “Closing the opportunity gap with data, systems, and support.” From the article:

“Over the course of the past decade, research has shown that two-thirds of the student achievement gap can be attributed to out-of-school factors and how they affect a student’s ability to focus on school. The success of [professor and executive director Mary] Walsh’s program, and evidence from its rigorous evaluation, shows that schools can collaborate with community partners to significantly narrow the gap.”

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New Opportunity Index Launches Today

Opportunity NationAs a member of the Opportunity Nation coalition, we’re pleased to share the new Opportunity Index website that debuts today. The Index measures 16 indicators in over 3,000 counties nationwide and illustrates how well our nation is living up to its promise of the American Dream. On the interactive site, you can:

  • Visualize opportunity scores nationwide;
  • Compare states on their inequality rates, access to internet, preschool enrollment and more;
  • Find organizations working to expand opportunity in your zip code;
  • See where opportunities in America are most plentiful and
  • Learn which communities offer their residents the best chances to succeed in life.

Massachusetts ranks seventh among states; where does your state rank?

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City Connects Joins Opportunity Nation Coalition

City Connects is proud to announce that we’ve signed on to join the OpportunityNation coalition! OpportunityNation is a national coalition of business leaders, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, and grassroots organizations working to advance a nonpartisan/bipartisan agenda to enhance opportunity and economic mobility in America. Right now, the coalition comprises more than 80 organizations; see the list of everyone here. We look forward to participating in the dialogue and being a champion for the role of education in opportunity.

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