Video: “Lending a hand to refugees in America”

This video, which aired on CBS Sunday Morning, shows how out-of-school factors impact a particular population: refugee families. The story is about Luma Muflah, who started soccer league for refugee children living in Clarkston, Georgia, calling them the “Fugees.” When they started asking Luma for help with their homework, she soon realized that the children were facing a host of other non-school factors that made school a challenge. She launched the Fugees Academy, a school for refugee children, which she hopes to expand to a 19-acre comprehensive and permanent school facility, called the Fugees Village.

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One thought on “Video: “Lending a hand to refugees in America”

  1. Evando October 25, 2011 / 8:15 pm

    I saw the piece on tv the other day and I was very touched by it. It made me very proud of her and her work, and it also made me wish I had tons of money to just give to her the 5 million dollars that she needs to make their dream come true. I really hope that some of the thousands of millionaires in this country reach out to them and help make it work for them.

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